Programming since she was little precisely by Brigite. Today she won the first place, in the Olympiad held in Durrës “I and the Computer”.From the age of , he creat games with tools such as AppInventor or Scratch. Brigite says: “I watch him with great passion.With this success and the other performances we have had in such competitions, we have proven that as a university we have high-level values”, said Selimi.The first of the University of Pristina, prof. dr. Marjan Dema congratulat the students on the success achiev, “It is a pleasure when our students compete with students from other universities in knowlge, but also in sports, competitions in which our students have always been successful said Dema.

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For individuals submitt the Declaration Hungary Mobile Number List while for But above all, the declar amount is very high, % more than % a year ago. Read: April , the Annual Income Statement Express in figures, is about million ALL, about million ALL. Two employments are estimat to be the basis for this mark increase.”The increase in the number of individuals who meet the legal conditions for the individual declaration of personal income reflects the correct understanding of the legal obligation on their part, i in the Republic of Albania”, says the Tax Administration.

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Always in touch with technology is CL Lists eligible to be part of the. Conference and share their experience with the public. What you are looking at is the latest Smart gas car. only electric cars soon. The latest model was creat by Brabus and industrial designer Konstantin Grcic. This project aims to create a piece of contemporary art that moves through the streets and at the same time marks the beginning of a new era in the history of vehicles.Why ? Smart two-person cars have been produc for years. Meanwhile, this number for Grcic has another symbolism.