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Intellectual skills are ne to perform mental Sweden Mobile Number List activities, BUT the higher an employee rises in responsibility. The more Emotional Intelligence they ne to perform the job successfully. Trainer Ms. Armira Lazaj, pagogue and trainer in the field of Economics in the subjects: Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity, Communication Skills, creator and organizer of startupnow. l and gruaja Dhecareria activities, trainer and motivational speaker. In the final of this competition, the University of Pristina manag to win against the University of Ghent, Belgium, leaving this university in second place with a score of . The Annual Individual Declaration was complet by % more people compar to the previous year according to data from Taxation.

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However, Ms Liona Braho, clinical psychologist, therapis. Psychotherapist in training in the approach of Psychodrama, counselor at the online CL Lists counseling site for young people nukjevetm. Psychology teacher at the Faculty of Social Sciences. However, Member of the board of directors of “Mental Health Albania. Coordinator at the club of young writers “Pena e Re”, motivational speaker. ApplicationSend First name Surname, profession, contact number by e-mail to mentalhealth.