For me, it also symbolizes what it means to be he say. To be free, to break barriers, to show your rebellious side. The new ition brings to life an interesting idea, while we are leaving a mark in the history of vehicles”.So if you were born in the same year as the two-seater Smart or have driven one, this is your last chance to drive the old gas model. Model will leave the factory in August this year. The most beautiful way to celebrate the end of the Smart era. BUSINESS PULSE Updat on: Neada Mucaj ~ minutes of reading Brooke Saward, the featur speaker at Spark. , is the founder and itor of one of the most famous blogs in the world.

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World of Wanderlust , which has help her Belarus Mobile Number List build an online audience of more than million fans.Travel blog World of Wanderlust launch in and has since become a hub for millennial travelers seeking Brooke’s expertise on the hottest travel destinations, travel tips, and photography and stories travel. Four years later, she decid to combine all her knowlge of this field in a book call World of Wanderlust. Brooke has visit more than countries and has been publish in magazines such as Ellen, Cosmopolitan, Luxury World Traveler, etc. Promoting countries that can benefit from tourism and is more drawn to luxury, adventure travel and eco-tourism.

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Her work inspir her to share interesting CL Lists business ideas she. Encounter around the world and present them in her native Australia. This l him to start three successful local businesses as well. Spark tickets are available on the official conference website. High school students, university students, postgraduates and PhD students who are up to years old can get their ticket for the special price of € . The full price of the ticket is € . Spark , one of the most curat business internet conferences in Southeast Europe, will be held on May – at the Porto Montenegro Auditorium, in the city of Tivar, the heart of Montenegro’s coastal tourism industry.