When working with collaborators you can also invite them to leave time-coded

When you replace videos in your Wistia account, this will automatically update any embeds you have on your website. So if you need to make further changes, you don’t need to redo the embed codes.

The comprehensive library also makes it easy to conveniently scan through your content via search, add projects to “favorites,” and use projects to organize, present, and protect your creations. You can add sections to projects, turn them into channels, and even enable appropriate access levels with passwords and permission settings.

For businesses and creators who create videos as part of a team

Wistia has a number of collaboration features, such as comments on your video page with your own unique timestamps. You can also set Honduras Mobile Number List permission levels to ensure your content doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Administrators retain full control over reviewing content before it goes live, sharing videos for internal and external use, and protecting sensitive content. Video password protection also determines exactly who can view your content at any given time.


Wistia Video Player is a customizable and reliable HTML5

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Offering designed to give your users the best possible experiences. There is built-in support for high-resolution video and adaptive streaming with HLS. As an added bonus, deploying your videos to your site through Wistia won’t weigh your site down thanks to small and lightweight embed codes.

The video player is responsive and mobile ready, able to automatically scale to fit any screen size. In addition, you can customize various aspects of the player. You will be able to add your brand colors, choose specific thumbnails and control the content by adding a CTA, password protection or chapters.

Wistia lets your audience choose how they want to consume your content, with the option to adjust quality up to 4k and even change playback speed. Plus, there’s a Player API so you can customize your video for any medium with little coding.

Timeline actions allow users to make interactive videos, with turnstiles, call-to-action buttons and annotation links designed to collect leads and drive engagement. Built-in social sharing supports exporting your video to any channel, and Wistia is also fully compatible with all screen viewers.

Wistia Video Hosting
Wistia online video hosting offers companies an ultra-fast, high-quality playback environment, without ads or recommended videos from competitors. Thanks to CL Lists a range of top global video CDNs, the system delivers content from a location close to your target audience so they can expect ultra-fast results. There’s also high-quality adaptive streaming, which ensures that your videos can adapt to suit the needs of any device or internet speed.

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