Standard Embeds Are Designed to Load Very Quickly on All Devices

When you generate your embed code, you can choose from an “embed type”, which lets you determine how you want your video to be displayed. For example, you can choose between a pop-over video, inline video content and even responsive or fixed players. All embeds automatically inject metadata via JSON+LD to your site and optimize your video for search. If your site is hosted on WordPress, you can set any embed code to be an oEmbed with a single checkbox.

Although Wistia is primarily a video hosting platform

It also offers support for podcasting. You can create simple and effective podcasts with editing tools for cutting out sections of content. Once you’ve Paraguay Mobile Number List designed your podcast, you can also choose how you want to embed it on your site, with Channels, individual double episodes, and distribution to the best podcasting platforms.

Wistia also allows users to customize their podcast players. You can change colors, add a logo, select light or dark mode, and even add episode artwork. Additionally, you can order transcripts and use the included rich text editor to add more links and context.

As with your video content

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Wistia provides analytics for your podcasts so you can feed back on your listening stats. There are heatmaps for embedded podcast episodes to see exactly which parts of your content your customers are most engaged with.

Wistia Marketing and Growth
To increase your chances of reaching the largest audience available, Wistia offers a selection of marketing tools. Every video created is automatically optimized for search engine and comes with native Google and Facebook integrations. There are also various engagement tools available to connect with your audience through annotations and call-to-action buttons.

Wistia also has the unique “Turnstile” feature to collect leads directly from your videos. Additionally, you can integrate the platform with any marketing automation tools you already use. Key marketing features from Wistia include:

Video SEO: Each video is injected with markup via JSON-LD to help Google read your page. You can also order and upload transcripts that are CL Lists included in the markup to provide additional context for Google and boost your keywords. There is also the option to create SEO-enhanced channels with a selection of video content in one place.

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