There’s Also Access to Live Videos With a 2-hour Time Limit and 4 Participants

Unlimited channels, marketing automation, and a customer success manager.
There’s also a custom Enterprise plan called “Premium” that comes with all Advanced features, as well as over 2TB of bandwidth, unlimited users, unlimited archived media, and up to 1,000 videos available for your channel.

Wistia review – prices
Video creation tools
So what exactly can you do with Wistia? Let’s answer that question by diving into the first core element of the platform: video creation. Wistia makes it easy to produce engaging and unique content with a powerful browser-based screen recorder called Soapbox. You can record your screen and face at the same time, then export the content to Wistia for sharing and embedding.

Along with Soapbox, you also have a convenient video editor

Where you can crop and make changes to webinars and other videos to make them look more professional. You can even create, host and EL Salvador Mobile Number List market live events with useful real-time analytics. In particular, Wistia is particularly suitable for beginners. You don’t need to be too tech-savvy to access the platform, and there’s plenty of content to guide you. The company has its own comprehensive learning center where you’ll find customer stories, an asset library and an informative blog. There are even various videos to watch as well as insightful industry events.

Lead Generation: The Turnstile service allows businesses to collect email addresses at any point in the video timeline, grow email lists and enhance your CRM. There is customizable button copy and options for how you want the forms to appear. Plus, you can add call-to-actions, annotation links, and embed Eventbrite forms into your videos. You even get a notification every time someone registers.

Integrations: You can connect Wistia to some of the leading email and marketing automation platforms available, including Pardot, Marketo, and HubSpot. Plus, you can upload all your conversions and stats to your favorite channels.


Interactivity There are different ways to add interactive elements to your videos with Wistia

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You can collect email addresses with forms embedded directly in your video timeline and add CTAs to help viewers take action. There’s custom HTML, annotation links, and easy chapter organization options to help customers move through your video.

Reach and Retention: Users can send their Wistia viewing data directly to Facebook and Google, making it easier to reach new audiences with personalized ads. You can even create ads based on both channel data and dual video individuals. Whenever a viewer engages with a video, you can retarget them based on how much they’ve watched or create lookalike audiences.

Analytics and Integrations
Wistia makes gathering meaningful insights from your video marketing strategies quick and easy. You will have full access to a range of video metrics in CL Lists the platform’s statistics section and can run A/B test to find out which videos perform best. With integrations for your favorite marketing platforms, you can connect your data across multiple channels. Wistia’s analytics features include:

Video Metrics: Built-in analytics let you track engagement with graphs, checking re-views, abandonments and interactions. You can access viewer-based tracking to collect data for your CRM, use heatmaps to see which parts of your video are getting the most attention, and collect social statistics from social networks.

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