What are the prospects for the Internet of Things?

Iot devices seem to be ubiquitous, but we are still far from the goal. In fact, the future of iot foresees constant growth with over 27 billion devices online by 2025 . Marketsandmarkets predicts that the global iot market will . Double from just over $300 billion to over $650 billion by 2026 . There are several trends influencing this growth. First, the iot market has matured to the point.  That regulations and standards are emerging to align with. Second, moore’s law is not dead, and iot devices continue to become more powerful and efficient . 

Increased IoT security and regulatory requirements

Finally, other technologies that complement the iot.  Such as artificial intelligence (ai) and machine learning (ml) .  5g, and sd-wan, are also becoming reality. In the following sections, we will delve deeper and examine five trends.  To understand what the future of iot will special data look like. Trend no. 1: increased iot security and regulatory requirements as the iot market matures.  We see increased regulation of the security of iot devices. California’s sb-327 law, also known as “the default password ,” is a prime example. The idea behind sb-327 and other similar regulations is simple.  Default passwords = devices that are easy to compromise. The law requires passwords on all network-connected devices.  Including iot devices, to be unique or force a change upon initial login .

From IoT to Edge IoT

Although sb-327 is california legislation, in practice . It tends to impact the entire united states.  As the same devices sold to california residents are typically sold to the rest of the nation (and beyond). By requiring manufacturers to create unique passwords CL Lists per device.  Or force a login change, the law makes it harder for botnets to grow. However, similar legislation is emerging around the world. In the uk, the product security and telecommunications infrastructure bill.  (psti) addresses many of the same issues as sb-327. We know that what happens in the united states arrives in our country in a short time.  Passing through the united kingdom: in italy too.  (and throughout europe), in fact, there are ongoing.  Discussions on laws capable of secure iot devices . 

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