Four things MSPs should expect in 2023

Cyberattacks are still enemy number one, economic uncertainty has both opportunities.  And challenges, and automated bcdr solutions are an msp’s lifesaver. Last year’s report on what msps can expect in 2022 focused.  On enhancing security with incident responses that go beyond simple backup. With 2022 behind us, let’s look at what msps can do to make the most of the new year. There are things that never change.  Such as cyber attacks that continue to require high-quality solutions . We don’t expect threats to decline anytime soon.  But there are new economic factors to consider as you approach 2023 this year.

The economy probably won't improve

The economy probably won’t improve, but msps can still win between record inflation.  Supply chain problems and international crises, many companies have been preparing . For a recession for months . According to a research report.  Around the beginning of 2023 these economic factors will push.  The economy into a recession. Fortunately, the same report predicts that the latest data recession will be “short and mild.  Amid a growing job market and relatively healthy consumers.” a recession is never something you want.  But for msps, economic uncertainty can actually become an opportunity . Tight budgets are pushing companies to outsource it.  And security services to reduce overhead . Costs and full-time employee expenses… that’s where you should aim. Msps provide exactly the services that sme customers cannot do without.

Consolidation is necessary to reduce total costs and retain talent

It is often better for a client’s bottom line to rely . On an msp for business continuity and disaster recovery (bcdr) . Rather than having an in-house team. We saw proof of this during the pandemic, when many companies.  Found themselves in difficulty or went out of business. Surprisingly, 95% of msps said their revenues remained stable or grew in 2021. And in 2022, the percentage of msps expecting revenue growth.  To come CL Lists primarily from new business rose to 62%, up from 50% in 2021. In fact, many msps struggle to keep up with demand. Two in five msps worry that limited . Time and resources are preventing them from winning new business. 77% say their current workload is borderline or excessive. “the path forward for financial stability, growth . And profitability in managed services is through optimization. 

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