The Creative Club incorporates Curro Palma as general director

The Creative Club Palma’s hiring comes a few months after Álvaro Olalquiaga left this position . In the words of Mónica Moro. Therefore, president of the c de c: «When Álvaro left, we experienced a kind of catharsis and we thought that for the c de c it was time to give it a new approach. To do this, we decided to look for a professional with a different profile with experience in business management. Therefore, who was a deep believer in creativity, capable of bringing together a holistic vision of the industry. Therefore, which faces enormous challenges in the current context.

Curro Palma's professional career

Curro Palma began his professional top industry data career on the agency side (Tiempo BBDO and TBWA) before moving to the advertiser side, where he held different positions of responsibility in the marketing department of Toyota Spain for more than 13 years. As General Manager of Communication, in recent years he launched “Drive How You Think”, the communication platform of the hybrid range of the Japanese firm considered a best practice in the sector. Over the last two years he has led the Madrid office of Contrapunto BBDO as general director.

Double diploma in Advertising and Marketing

At an academic level, Curro Palma has CL Lists a double diploma in Advertising and Marketing. Therefore, belongs to the 11th class of the Dibex taught by ISDI in Madrid and has attended the International Seminar in Digital Transformation at Harvard. Always close to new trends in training. Therefore, he collaborates as a teaching professor at UNIR in the master’s degree in Transmedia Communication and has recently collaborated in different courses and masterclasses developed by the Complutense University of Madrid and Madrid Content School

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