Smartclip presents its Advanced TV products offering brands multi-screen

Smartclip presents given the unstoppable fragmentation of media audiences, one of the main challenges facing the market is finding comprehensive solutions that respond to this new behavior. The application of data on television consumption in digital planning allows for the development of highly efficient strategies, which generate significant savings in advertisers’ media planning.


Far from rivaling the Internet, “the category email list new television” presents itself with more possibilities than ever, and 8 out of every 10 Internet users in Spain already have a smart TV at home, according to data from the latest study by IAB Spain. about connected television. The Internet has become the most far-reaching medium, but we cannot forget that linear television continues to provide an unprecedented quality of impact. In this context of change, Smartclip has managed to combine the best of both worlds by offering the market three types of solutions based on the complementarity between linear television planning and digital planning.

Construction of coverage and the qualification of the impact

With these solutions, Smartclip CL Lists seeks to work efficiently on both the , reaching homes that are not reached by linear television and thus achieving incremental coverage. In addition, the creation of multi-screen creative sequences improves understanding and advertising recall and allows the development of complete commercial profiles based on data on multi-device household consumption. In summary, at Smartclip we intend for new digital technologies to turn the fragmentation of media consumption into a competitive advantage for advertisers.

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