Both publishers and advertisers is certainly scale

Without giving it time, which is crucial for a campaign to evolve and provide a return. But, when we talked to Construtora CRD years ago, we didn’t have that premise. So, we agreed to do a project focused only on sponsored links. Targeted for the short term. But, unlike other projects, we were successful. And we summarize this result in a few factors: the CRD looked at the result, not our execution; the company was patient and waited months for the return to happen; decision-makers got involved, providing insights for improvement and seeking to understand how they could help. In any case, after all, how do we approach the issue of paid media? Working on the following fronts: capture landing pages.

The following will be considered

Facebook Ads campaigns; Google Ads campaigns. Capture landing pages Capture landing pages In any sponsored links campaign, you certainly know that there will be segmentation work to ensure that the right people are reached . The following will be considered: region; age; income; interests; gender; Consumption habits; among others. And we all also know that a company’s website is generally new data a more heterogeneous channel, which presents different products and needs to deal with disparate audiences. In other words, does it make sense to send traffic from a sponsored link campaign to the website.

Avoid losing leads that would enter the website

Unless you have a very specific page on the  CL Lists website, targeted at that product, that audience and that interest, no, it doesn’t make sense. This is the logic that supports the landing page routine . For each campaign, which had a specific segmentation, we created landing pages to receive and convert traffic from paid media efforts. This way, it was possible to avoid losing leads that would enter the website and get lost in content that needed to be generic and not targeted. Facebook Ads and Google Ads Facebook Ads and Google Ads In the case of a mass product, aimed at the consumer public, we needed to consider channels with greater reach and possibility of segmentation. Without much of a secret, we consider Google and Facebook. 

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