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Also read Tips for Self-Proofing Articles Text proofreading is one of the most important aspects of every copywriter’s job. Insufficient attention shows that the professional level is low. Read More Text Optimization You need to optimize your title and description for two reasons. Users can search for the products they are interested in not through the catalog, but through the search system of the marketplace itself. It’s a system that ranks products based on how their name matches an individual’s search query. Therefore, the title must contain keywords.

Even if a user is looking for something through a search engine

A well-optimized title will elevate the card page above other pages that may have similar or similar offers. In order to optimize the text Canada Business Email List effectively, it is necessary to select keywords and analyze the needs of the chosen market. If you try to write keywords yourself, without relying on a service, you risk using zero-frequency queries that no one enters the search field. So if you’re going to sell pet food, the following queries will show info requests on the right and you don’t need to use them. From the left you can choose pet food pet food store or pet food online store. Market demand analysis can find help on the website.

To do this, start typing the product name into the search bar

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Analyze the prompts displayed by the system. Suitable queries are , , etc. You can go to the CL Lists page of your competitor’s card and analyze their text. The optimal number of keywords is a query and nothing more, because the main thing is a coherent text with information including advantages, disadvantages and product features. Some queries can be combined: for example, following the example above, make a query for wet food for cats and dogs. Also read Selling Product Descriptions for Online Stores: 3 Tips for Copywriters Creating a compelling description is no easy feat, it requires you to verbally demonstrate the benefits your product will have in your buyer’s life.

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