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Similarly, Read More Other Advice While requirements for product cards are similar across all markets, there are differences. Every website publishes seller rules on Ali Express, with sections dedicated to titles and descriptions. On , prohibitions and restrictions can be found at the bottom of the Card Requirements page. No such documentation is provided. Product cards must have a photo attached. For example, on Facebook, products without pictures are immediately hidden and not sold. The mall has standard picture requirements: the resolution is within a pixel, consistent with the advertised product, the whole product, the use demonstration, no foreign objects, logos and text.

Why you need pagination and how to optimize

Similarly, It When you have a large number of pages of the same type on your website, you need to use pagination to organize them. but can create problems UK Business Email List during promotion. In this article, we’ll work with experts from a straight line internet marketing agency to break down what pagination is for, the types of pagination and how they’re created. One page as canonical page Create canonical pages with all products Unlimited list method Use directive Conclusion What is pagination The word itself comes from two English and, which translates to page and navigation. Pagination is the principle of displaying large amounts of data on multi-page sites.

Use numbering new, to output the content in reverse order

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Similarly, Page navigation with links to previous and next web pages at the end. Similarly, If we imagine a CL Lists situation. Where pagination is not implemented. And data is served to. The user at a time. then in this case the download will take longer and slow down the site. What’s pagination good for Implementing pagination correctly allows you to increase resource loading speed. Otherwise, all content will be loaded. At the same time, and if there is a lot of content, the download speed may be significantly slower. This is how most modern resources are arranged, with pages of the same type, such as product cards or blog posts. Similarly, This can be done in a number of ways, the most common being using sequential numbering. The selection of the data position range in the general array.

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