However You Should Not Abuse Complicated Turns and Terminology

Therefore, it is important to reveal the competitive advantages of the offer in the text and convince users to place an order. There is no limit to the number of product descriptions on the description and on however, in this case, informative and informative text is better, while on the above a maximum of characters with spaces. The description should contain all important information about the product so that users will not have any doubts about the seller. Both the title and description must exactly match the product. Labels such as etc. are permitted, but such marks are not permitted in the other two markets. However, Ali Express, for example, has its own mark.

As for uniqueness, the market has no requirements in this regard

However, if you copy the description from the website, the text will correspondingly lose its uniqueness when placing the content, for example on Australia B2B Contact List Obscene, offensive language spelling, grammar and other incorrect capitalization are prohibited. Brands, product names except abbreviations are used. Links to third-party resources. When writing the description, the author must point out the main advantages of the product, revealing all its important features. If jargon is used, explain it in a way that the text can be understood even by users who don’t understand such nuances. When considering two similar proposals, a person will choose the one that he fully understands in the description.

You also don’t need to be too creative

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An informative and clear description is more important. Insert key queries skillfully and carefully. Combine multiple queries into CL Lists one, correct words in keywords according to Russian rules, change word order if necessary. You can add queries to the description while writing it or already in the finished text. Construct the text. Added bold and italic options, lists, splitting text into paragraphs. But if we talk about cooperation with, then this market does not offer any marks. Always check the finished. Text before delivery. So that any errors and typos can be caught and corrected in time before you lose the trust of your content customers.

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