Kevin the Carrot emulates Kevin McAllister in Home Alone

After previewing the “teaser” of its new Christmas campaign a few days ago. Aldi has finally raised the curtain on its Christmas spot, where the famous supermarket chain has set its sights (in the spirit of parody) on the emblematic film Solo at home . Plane bound for Paris after being involved in an improvised match football in the airport waiting room. The “teaser” concluded with Kevin’s wife and children boarding the plane bound for Paris. The woman with the nice carrot suddenly realized that her husband was not on board and exclaimed “Kevin!”, emulating Catherine O’Hara’s famous scream in Home Alone .

Aldi's new Christmas campaign also has a charitable component

The full Aldi spot reveals that Kevin has indeed missed. The plane and has been left alone at home. Where he entertains himself by watching football industry email list matches on his mobile phone. And just like in the movie starring Macaulay Culkin. Good old Kevin has to deal with an intruder who he tries to evade with a series of traps (all of which revolve around lavish Christmas meals) before. Escaping through the window and end up turning into a snowman’s nose. Aldi’s new Christmas campaign also has a charitable component (like many other spots born this year in the heat of Christmas in the United Kingdom).

Christmas celebrates the joy of being with loved ones

Opens, in fact, with a scene in which Kevin the Carrot’s children. Make a donation to the NGO Neighborly at the airport. The Aldi advertisement CL Lists once again carries the signature of the agency McCann. UK The animation studio Pysop and the directors Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick. “ Christmas celebrates the joy of being with loved ones. this year more than ever we need a little light entertainment to celebrate the Christmas season together. Emphasizes Adam Zavalis, marketing director of Aldi in the United Kingdom.

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