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Attentive to the Impeccable Logic Under Which He Seeks to Demonstrate the Coherence and Accuracy of the Copernican Thesis; and Simplicio. Currently Have a Clumsy Defender of Aristotelian Geocentrism. and a Figure Who Recall Some of the Ideas That Pope Urban Viii Had Formulat on Some Occasion in Support of This Theory. It Is Conjectur That the Highest Leader of the Catholic Church. Deeply Outrag by What Seem to Be a Mockery. Would Have Precipitat the Decision to Prosecute Galileo in This Process. but Beyond That. the Truth Is That a Critical Point of Confrontation Was Being Reach Between Two Visions of the World . And. Ultimately. Between Two Ways of Exercising Power: Reveal Truth . on the One Hand. Support for Dogma. Religious. Which Had Defin the Mieval Way of Life. Struggling to Maintain Its Privileges. And. in Front of It.

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Emerging with Bold Confidence. Scientific Knowlge. Which in a Combination That Could Be Consider Explosive. Combin Observation Enhanc by the Use of an Innovative Instrument Such as the Telescope (A Simple Anticipation of the Power and Dehumanizing Influence That Supermachines. in the Context of the Future Technological Framework. Were Going to Exert on Man’s Life. Modern). and Reasoning Disciplin and Sharpen b2b email list by the Use of Mathematics. That Exact Language. Whose “(…) Characters Are Triangles and Circles and Other Geometric Figures (…)”. and in Which It Was Written “(…) That Very Great Book That We Have Open Before Our Eyes (…). the Universe (…)”. as Galileo Himself Said in a Passage from

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The Essayador (Galilei. 1964. P. 61). the 17th Century. and Galileo’s Trial Specifically. Mark the Point at Which a Rift Occurs Between Science and Faith . with This. a Channel Would Be Open for the Development of a New Culture: One Within Whose Framework the Scientist Would Progressively Be Enthron as a New Pontiff. and the Intimidating Product of His Research. Technology. Would Be Transform into an Object of Worship. Born CL Lists in Pisa. in 1564. Galileo Galilei. Initially Studi Micineat the University of That City. But. Shortly After. He Became Deeply Interest in Mathematics. to the Point of Deciding to Study This Science. Currently Have a and Then Dicate Himself to the Invention of Mechanical Devices. the Observation of the Stars and Astronomical Research. .

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