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 Microsoft, who will show with practical examples Product Pioneers. How to triple productivity thanks to Microsoft’s Generative AI solutions . Launch of the program in Portugal and its international perspective On September 19, the launch of the master’s degree in Portuguese took place in collaboration with Microsoft Portugal. This step strengthens the international.  It’s the easy part: ask yourself about the target of a campaign and limit it to age.

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Perspective of the program, which already has its version in category email list Spanish and English, and with the presence of more than 20 countries in its community of students. «Our goal is that anyone can access quality education and all the opportunities that new technologies offer. And we are not just talking about Spain, but at a European or even global level.

Attitudes and behaviors

The launch in Portugal is only the CL Lists first step,” explains. Pau Garcia-Milà. Kantar analyzes the importance of including attitudes and behaviors when. Segmenting the audience Drafting Written by. Editorial October 6, 2023 at 11:51 SHARE Twitter. The Kantar Media report reflects that relying solely on demographic. Data could harm an advertising campaign. An online beauty campaign that focuses on following stereotypes such as targeting a young and female profile can leave out two-thirds of potential buyers. 

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