Amazon’s new campaign for this Christmas celebrates the love

The e-commerce giant Amazon is preparing for the festive season. Amazon’s new the company launches a spot directed by Taika Waititi. Winner of an Oscar, that reflects the love of a girl for a snow globe. The effort of her father to make her happy. Therefore, With the start of the Christmas campaign this November 14. Therefore, the company is committed to showing. That happiness is something that must be worked on. Created together with the agency Lucky Generals. The production company Hungry Man. The audiovisual piece focuses on the motto “Joy is Made. Therefore, tells the story of a father who seeks to create the perfect Christmas surprise for his daughter . She is fascinated by a snow globe.

The General Director of Marketing

For Amazon Europe, Ed Smith, noted that the company is “happy to be able to take part in the creation of joy, but the true hero of this story is the category email list love of a father for his daughter. Therefore, if you do not see the embedded video correctly , click here . Therefore, the campaign has starred a talented cast. New Zealand actor Jared Turner takes the role of the father, while Anouk Christiansen becomes his daughter for the spot. To the rhythm of “You Hold Me Up” by The Bones or JR, the spot shows how a girl marvels at the world inside a snow globe, so her father buys the necessary products on Amazon to build a full-size replica. Therefore, real object as a gift for your daughter.

Amazon celebrates the creation of happiness

We are constantly inspired by the creative spirit of Amazon customers, so we wanted to tell a story with a different point of view about CL Lists generosity,” a value especially important during the holiday season. Therefore, the happiness that comes from doing something for others.” people you love.” Said Ed Smith. General Director of Marketing for Amazon Europe. Laurence Horner. Therefore, strategic partner for Lucky Generals. Said that the goal of this year’s Amazon Christmas campaign was to demonstrate how the best gifts are those that have the most meaning. “Happiness is something we create , especially when it comes to celebrating Christmas with loved ones.

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