Adding products and managing your store 

When it comes time to add products to your store, you’ll have two options. The first is to bulk import using a CSV file. The other option is to manually add each product using the Big Cartel tax invoice. Just click the “Add a product” button here and fill in the relevant fields.

Adding products couldn’t be simpler. However, you may find that you struggle to present your items to customers in a number of different ways. The free plan will only allow you to display one image per product. Additionally, even the paid plans are limited to five images per article. 

Design and templates

As mentioned above, editing the visual presence of your store is relatively simple Big Cartel. Unlike other store builders, Big Cartel makes sure that all the themes you might need to access are free. You will also be able to browse different templates depending on the type of store you want to build, which can save you time and effort. 

Overall, Big Cartel’s themes are quite modern and attractive. They are fully responsive so you can be sure they will adapt to your customers’ needs on UK Mobile Database any device. However, you will have less than 20 templates to choose from, which is much less than you would get from other platforms.

Since Big Cartel focuses primarily on the creative landscape, the templates are aesthetically appealing and eye-catching. However, there are also some simpler “general purpose” templates, such as the “Neat” option or even the “Ranger” theme. 

Although the templates are relatively flexible, they may not provide the traditional “corporate” image that some business leaders are looking for. 

Payment methods

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The good news for sellers who want to get started online as quickly as possible is Big Cartel comes with the option to connect to a number of payment gateways. Although there is no built-in solution installed, you can easily manage transactions through well-known providers like PayPal and Stripe. 

Regardless of the gateway you choose, Big Cartel will not charge you any additional transaction fees. The same cannot be said if you use an alternative provider like Shopify. However, note that most payment solutions will charge their own payment fees. 

Another point worth noting is Big Cartel might not be ideal if you want to offer several different coins to customers at the same time. Although the CL Lists service allows business leaders to choose from around 25 different currencies, you can only activate one option at a time. This contrasts with other leading solutions from providers like Shopify and BigCommerce, which can automatically convert your prices to the right currency based on the customer’s location. 

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