One More Point I Would Like to Make About Big Cartel is That It Makes

Not all themes are available for Big Cartel will allow customers to “zoom in” on your products. You can use code and plugins to enable this functionality in some cases, but that makes things a bit more complex. Additionally, you can only add videos to products if you are comfortable embedding content from other platforms like Vimeo or YouTube. 

It relatively simple to manage your store and business “on the go”. Big Cartel has its own mobile app for iOS and Android, which offers similar functionality to the desktop version of the platform. There is a simple navigation system, which is mainly based on the use of icons. 

Whether you’re in the mobile app or desktop solution, you’ll be able to set up in-person payments with Stripe, create discount codes, issue France Mobile Number List customer receipts, and more. However, if you plan to do something more advanced with your Big Cartel store, you may need to be prepared to dive into some code and programming. 

Tax calculation and management

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One thing I really liked Big Cartel comes with tools already included to help you manage your tax settings. This is rarely included in most online store builders, so it’s nice to have the extra functionality available. Even on the free plan, you’ll be able to use. The sales tax autopilot to automatically apply. The correct rates to your store for each state. 

However, the solution automatically works only for the US. If you’re outside the US, you’ll need to set your rates manually. It’s also worth noting that while Big Cartel supports tax calculations, there’s currently no way to apply VAT rates to your store if you’re selling in EU regions. 

In particular, there are very few providers in the CL Lists SaaS world that offer this functionality as standard for online sellers. If you need VAT tools, you may need to consider a plug-in service, third-party software, or something like Shopify. 

Point of Sale (POS) Features and Sale 

Crucially, Big Cartel gives you some options to sell both online and offline at the same time. Point of sale functionality for Big Cartel is included in all packages – including the free service. However, it requires you to use Stripe for your payment system. 

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