Mssus side of all this Mication is not a weakness Nobody should feel. Asham of taking mication for a mental illness. As human beings, it is likely that we will all become unwell at some point in our lives. For some of us (as many as in each year. That ill health will take the form of a mental illness and will perhaps require mication to aid recovery. Taking mication isn’t a cop-out and it doesn’t mean that you can’t “hack life” on your own. I like to consider mication for mental illness in the same light as I would consider crutches for a broken leg.

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If you broke a leg it would eventually heal Jordan Mobile Number List on its own even if you continu walking on it without crutches. The process however would take a lot longer, the bone probably wouldn’t heal as well, and the experience would be a lot more painful than if you’d had crutches. A similar principle applies to taking mication for your mental health! . We’re sorry to all the people we hurt whilst we are hurting We’re sorry that sometimes we appear self-center and distract. But we promise we do care about your problems too. Sometimes we are just fighting so hard to keep our heads above water.

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Therefore we don’t have the energy to handle CL Lists anything more than that. Know that we are ignoring everything else right now but we promise to try to.Make it up to you when we’ve pull ourselves together. . We are beyond grateful to have you by our side! We might not always have the words to express our gratitude. For someone with a mental illness it means the world to have a support system of people who refuse to give up on you! Without you we wouldn’t be fighting as hard as we are.