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Watch your we offer SSL certificates . This does not mean, however, that we use outdate technologies. On the contrary! We offer PHP . , HTTP , LiteSpee ​​and of course… TLS. name ssl or tls? This is because, quite simply, linguistically, “SSL” won the war. Most major certificate providers still call them SSL certificates. Probably because ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ sounds more natural in English, so the basic naming convention remains. In fact, all the security certificates you see are actually SSL/TLS certificates . There is no such thing as an SSL certificate or a TLS certificate.

Doing an A/B test is the only way

This also means that when ordering such a certificate, you can use both the SSL and TLS protocols. Should I choose SSL or TLS? If your host allows you to choose a protocol, you should choose TLS , not SSL. In practice, however, you are rarely given a choice. Most servers use the latest versions of TLS . and . and ultimately it is up to the server and the client browser) to agree on which version photo editor to choose. Most often, of course, it will be the most up-to-date version. Good to know: Most modern browsers display messages when they encounter a server using outdate versions of SSL.

Avoid free sender domains

The latest version of TLS. How do I check if I’m using SSL or TLS? At this point, we must emphasize once again that it is the server and the client (browser) that automatically and independently determine which protocol to choose. You can check the highest possible SSL/TLS version available for your site with the SSL Server Test . If you don’t own the server and instead choose a hosting company, you use TLS. Worth knowing: Most Polish hosting CL Lists providers provide TLS support in the latest version – . . Summary TLS and SSL are protocols use to authenticate and encrypt data on the Internet.

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