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The best hosting to data provided by KPMG, only of respondents planned to increase spending on the digital transformation of the enterprise and only % declared increasing employment for the transformation. On the way to digital transformation, we will encounter the status quo approach in Polish enterprises – maintaining expenses and employment. When it comes to digital transformation, we should talk about the rule rather than the exception. Companies try to wait out difficult periods rather than accept progress and development.

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This is not the right approach, primarily due to the many possibilities that the implementation of digital technology offers. We live in a digital world where technologies Photo Retouching supporting transformation will only continue to progress. Why is digital transformation so important? The KPMG report data presented above speaks for itself. Digitization is a factor of success and more. In terms of data security, cybersecurity and risk are also important aspects of transformation. Digital technologies make it possible to reduce many traditional risks that accompany manual processes by making greater use of physical infrastructure.

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On the other hand, the daily use of new technologies in the digital transformation process also creates new threats. We’re talking about cybersecurity here. However, companies realize how important data security is. Over of companies have implemented policies CL Lists and procedures that translate into formalization of cybersecurity management. The risk associated with implementing digital innovations can be viewed as a threat, but it is also an opportunity for new improvements and discovering previously unknown advantages and functionalities of intelligent technologies. 

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