on a regular basis. do hurt me, and in turn I simply and quickly self-destruct. They are simply words, just words made up by a toxic person’s perception of me. Yet I believe these words to be true when they are simply not. Words may very well be just words. But not only can they hurt others, they have the power and ability for us to hurt ourselves too. Reproduc with permission, originally publish here. UNIT STATES It doesn’t matter how micat I am or how much therapy I do, I will always have depression and anxiety as my right and left hand men.

I am bless to have

They don’t magically disappear. Instead, I accept Panama Email List who I am, and they become manageable – but ya, sometimes the thought of living with this illness for the rest of my life really fucks me up. It’s exhausting having to deal with the monsters It’s hard not to think about how much easier life would be without having to deal with the monsters that live inside my brain. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to accept the fact that I will have to play this game for many years to come. It’s only been years and to be quite honest, it’s exhausting.

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Incredible people in my life

When I’m feeling down, these thoughts CL Lists are difficult to deal with. But when I’m in a good state of mind, these thoughts actually encourage me. I am encourag to be open about my mental illness so that others don’t feel alone, but also so that I don’t feel alone – because there are still times that I do. I’m bless to have lov ones who accept who I am I am so lucky to be surround by people who trust and believe in me. Friends and family lift me up in my times of ne and accept my illness for what it is.