To another in the present or future. This is regardless of whether these words were being said directly by the original perpetrator or by another person entirely. Such words dictat or the manner that they are spoken in can then. Trigger a greater sense of failure and worthlessness beyond our level of thinking. This in turn can cause an undesirable level of stress over our minds and bodies. Lyrics too can have a similar effect on our human emotions. Whilst one may listen to some music and feel quite upbeat and focus entirely on just. The rhythm, another may absorb the lyrics and link the words to their individual experiences and emotions.

Fit for any purpose or undeserving

I have several songs on my playlist that I Palau Email List can associate to a particular time or an event in my life. Some of them contain lyrics that I can also relate to, thus triggering a wonderful array of emotions. Words do hurt, and we absorb and store them Words can never be retract once spoken, nor can they be entirely dismiss. Our brain has the natural ability to absorb and store memories which include language, thoughts and feelings. We all have a very different and unique way of processing and storing this information. And we can also choose how to act on this information given to us.

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Yet I tell myself these things

We all have a choice as to whether to follow CL Lists through on our words or dismiss these words entirely. This is precisely how our actions speak louder than words, and how we fulfil our promises: by simply demonstrating exactly what we say and what we have learnt. Hurting ourselves with words If we are so against words being spoken in such an unsightly manner, then why is it that we are so hard on ourselves? For example, I wouldn’t even dream of telling someone that they are worthless.