Support and customer success teams interact with customers

Motivations. And what excites and engages them. You might have a general idea of what makes a good blog. But coming up with ideas for blog posts is harder than it seems. You might have a couple of ideas. But writing blog posts constantly requires having more than a few topics to write about. No idea in a landscape where it’s harder than ever to get your audience’s attention. How can you come up with blog post ideas? We ask the best content marketing managers we know to share their secrets. 1. Lean on your customer-facing collaborators for ideas as the person running the blog. You may spend most of your day writing and delegating work.

Your customers are the best place for ideas

How often do you talk to customers? Probably Country Email List  not very often. Guess what? Your customers are the best place for ideas. Jana barrett . Senior content marketing manager at getfeback . A survey software platform. Constantly leans on her customer-facing colleagues for ideas. “the sales. Support and customer success teams interact with customers every day. So they have amazing insight into the challenges customers are facing.” she said. “staying in sync with them is the best way for me to produce useful content that our customers and prospects actually want to read.”

Random people on the internet

country email list

Jana also creat a slack channel call “content ideas” and regularly encourages these colleagues to contribute. 2. 2. Stay in touch with the news cycle. Read a lot and gather ideas there’s a lot of great content out there – content generat by   CL Lists  customers. Random people on the internet. And brands. As a content manager. You ne to stay connect to the news cycle and read what’s out there. When you come across interesting content. Collect what you find. Take from mia quagliarello . Head of curation and community at flipboard a social platform that aggregates and organizes the world’s stories into social magazines. “the flipboard itorial team reads a lot.” she said. “and that informs nearly everything we do.

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