Managing itor for contently a technology company

As well as our mission: to highlight great journalism through unique story packages.” when it comes to thinking of ideas for blog posts. My philosophy is “Always collecting”. No matter what mia is writing about. Her process remains the same. She always picks up interesting topics. Finds unique hooks for a certain audience. Researches. Writes. Packages content in the most attractive and consumable way possible. And then shares it with the world. 3. 3. Rally around pre-select topics while we all like to think that we will have a lightbulb moment when the perfect idea comes to mind.

Managing itor for contently

The best content managers recognize that Asia email list structure and process are an important piece of the puzzle. “a big breakthrough for our iting team was the moment I realiz the importance of everything having to happen before we sit around a conference table pitching stories.” said jordan teicher. Managing itor for contently a technology company that helps brands create great content at scale. “the temptation to rely on aha light bulb moments is strong. But having good ideas takes structure.

Managing itor at vendasta

asia email list

It may require specific proposals. “because we’re all thinking about the same topics and have weeks to prepare. The discussion in meetings is CL Lists  much richer.” he said. “it’s really like a one-hour conversation instead of a series of self-contain fields.” dew smith . Managing itor at vendasta . Takes a similar approach with monthly topic clusters. Each month. The team decides on a specific theme. Bas on keyword research. To target with the blog and other types of content. For example. The month of october was consider webtober.

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