One of the Most Significant Issues With Spree Commerce is Outside of Slack Channels

When trying to get to grips with new software, it’s nice to have the option to call or email a dedicated customer service team. However, like most other open source resources, Spree Commerce does not provide this type of service.

More worryingly, Spree’s official website is full of outdated information and broken links – none of which are helpful!

As already mentioned, there are a lot of technical barriers to using Spree Commerce. If you don’t have coding and web development skills, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to set things up. This means you’ll either have to turn around or hire someone to get up and run.

As you’d expect, there are a limited number of extensions (especially when you compare Spree to the likes of Shopify ). There are also restrictions on who you can integrate with. For example, you won’t be able to merge Xero , ShipStation , or StitchLabs alongside Spree (unless you’re willing to hire a developer to sort this functionality out for you).

Costs of running a store on Spree Commerce

Pricing is always a complicating factor for people experimenting with an open-source e-commerce platform. Because Spree Commerce is open source, you don’t pay for the code you use to develop your website. There are plenty of open-source alternatives that follow a similar strategy, using languages ​​like JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

However, this does not mean that you will not pay anything for your open-source projects. The software is free to use, but you’ll still have to pay for things like:

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hosting : Since hosting is not included in the prices, you will need to find a company that can host your website reliably and allow other people to visit you.
Domain Names and SSL Certificates : It is Georgia Mobile Number List also up to you to buy the domain name for your website and get the SSL certificate to protect it.
Front-End Enhancements : If you want to extend the performance of your Spree Commerce site on the front-end, you may need to hire developers and other specialists to help you.

Plugins and enhancements 

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Depending on what you want to do with your open source site, you may need to pay for upfront plugins like Braintree, SEO widgets, and Amazon connections.
Payment and Transfer Fees : You will need to add a payment processor to your store to accept payments. This could be something like PayPal or Stripe. You will also be required to pay the associated transaction fees here.
Marketing : If you wish to implement your store with an email newsletter or other form of social media marketing, it is your responsibility to CL Lists manage these expenses as well.
As you can see, there are a lot of additional costs associated with running an open-source store that some companies overlook. Just because you get free access to Sean Schofield’s Rest API with Spree trading doesn’t mean you won’t spend money.

Unlike other solutions that give you access to a wide range of shopping cart options and templates for your store, it’s up to you to get the extra touches that make your site a success story on its own. The more you want to add to your site, the more expensive it can become.

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