Innovative service providers to rely on c through GIZ’s technical assistance. The fund will provide funding to the most promising companies to grow funding to the best innovation service providers to further improve their capacity and or develop new services for the innovation and startup community in Albania.Grand prize winners will be select bas on several competitive criteria. The selection will be made bas on specific criteria by an evaluation committee with international experts. All aspects of funding will be develop digitally, including the application process.

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The application for enterprises provides Estonia Mobile Number List not to exce thousand euros for stratup ideas (unregister), up to thousand euros for new startups, register under two years and thousand euros for startups register between – months .The minimum co-financing from applicants must not be less than % of the entire project cost.For organizations, financial support is up to thousand euros . Click here to be inform and apply as a startup or organization. VENTURE Updat on: Anerola Torollari ~ minutes of reading Chobani, the $ . billion company and the top-selling Greek yogurt brand in the U. Shas announc that it has donat funds to cover $ , in unpaid lunch debt for Warwick Public Schools students.

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Read Chobani Founder Shares Secrets CL Lists to Success” The last thing kids ne to worry about is whether they have to eat a hot lunch at school and the shame they might feel if their classmates realize they can’t afford to eat a lunch at school  Chobani not in a press release, adding that they are working ” to bring attention to the national crisis of food insecurity among students ” who attend Warwick Public Schools. Chobani will also donate yogurt to the surrounding community.While the School Department had plann to serve only gelatin and sunflower butter sandwiches to students with lunch debt, Angelica Penta, a frustrat restaurant owner.