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“webtober was chosen as our october theme in early september to promote our new release of website pro – a white label website hosting service for our reseller partners.” dew said. “with this topic in mind. We were able to do some initial keyword research using various seo tools. And choose some great topics to focus on with our content.” 4. 4. Make decisions bas on data and seo decisions for blog topics should not be bas on intuition and what he feels will serve his audience. You ne to make data-driven decisions and make sure your content ideas fit into an seo strategy.

How does lizzie generate so much traffic

Lizzie kardon . Head of content and engagement at Europe Email List pagely our approach to marketing in general. And content in particular. Is very data-driven. “organic search is our largest source of traffic and we have work hard to secure rankings for a number of high-value keywords that relate to our services and offerings.” she said. How does lizzie generate so much traffic? It is bas on keywords. “my approach to developing content ideas for our blog. Which receives tens of thousands of views per month. Is all about keywords.” she said. “I use seo tools to find inspiration for topic ideas in top blog posts that match the keywords I’m targeting.” likewise.

Leveraging colleagues is a surefire

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The content team here uses sharethis also semrush to identify the top performing keywords that drive traffic to our site as well as our CL Lists   competitors’ sites and create more content around these topics. 5. Get cooperation content team members may be responsible for creating and publishing content. But they’re not the only ones with great ideas. Leveraging colleagues is a surefire way to end up with more topics to write about. “we never seem to have a shortage of ideas because we are very collaborative in our process.” says kim courvoisier .

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