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 Home page article marketing New study reveals. Discontinue ineffective  the habits of top content marketers. It’s my favorite time of the year. It’s time to report the results of our annual content marketing survey. This is our 8th year partnering with MarketingProfs on this research, and we never get more excited. To share new insights with you. B2B Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, Trends – Sponsored by Brightcove North America continues to see success in content marketing. As B2B marketers work more creatively and look for ways to build audiences is shown. Just like last year, we’re excited to see that nearly of B2B marketers surveyed. Reported more success with content marketing overall compared to a year ago. How can marketers maintain that momentum? How will you take your content marketing to the next level ? Almost of B2B marketers’ contentmarketing programs are more successful than they were a year ago. 

Align Discontinue ineffective metrics to goals

To provide some answers, we looked at how the “most category email list successful  of our survey respondents do things differently .Than marketers overall. What sets these self-proclaimed  very or very successful content marketers apart? As we find every year, these marketers are more likely to: Have a documented content marketing strategy Describe your organization’s content. Marketing maturity as sophisticated or mature Have a high level of commitment to content marketing Agree that their organization is realistic about what content marketing can accomplish. Agree that leadership will give them enough time to produce content marketing results. Deliver content consistently or often The best content marketers consistently deliver content always/often. Cmicontent research Click to Tweet However, the 2018 results reveal some additional characteristics in the picture of more successful marketers. Consider.

Blending craft and process

Hand-picked relevant content: 22 examples from CL Lists brands and marketers winning with content marketing Build your audience Overall, at all levels of content marketing success, research shows that more marketers are focusing on building audiences. Among all respondents,  said they are focused on this versus of top perfo, an increase year-over-year. Of content marketers are focused on building an audience, representing an increase year over year.Click to Tweet This is great news to see more marketers doing what CMI has been encouraging them to do for years. Why is growing your audience important? Because your audience can become one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Content marketing provides a way to build a subscribed audience. This is what differentiates content marketing from other forms of marketing. The purpose of content marketing is to provide valuable information .

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