Conducting a marketing automation audit is a priority activity thanks to which we analyze the correctness of marketing activities and the achievement of business goals. In this article, you will learn what to pay attention to when introducing automation to your business and what actions your marketing strategy should be based on to make the system effective. The MA audit should include: Quality status of the contact database. OR and CTR indicators in mass and automatic emails. Correctness of integration – correct sending of events such as purchase, basket. Website visit and the status of subscribing to the mailing list. Conversion analysis of individual campaigns.

Lead generation tools

Competition analysis. Verification of the database quality status Start the marketing audit by verifying the quality of the database. Check the dynamics of the growth of contacts, taking into account the status of subscription to the mailing list: subscribed, unsubscribed, incorrect and the number of new contacts. Verification of the % growth of new and saved Poland Email List contacts will help in calculating the value of a contact in the database and estimating. The need for new contacts to achieve goals and increase revenue. How to check them? This is where the Semrush tool comes in handy . After entering the name of the analyzed domain into the active field, you will receive a lot of interesting information in the dashboard, the PPC budget you are looking for. Requires an account. c. for a more comprehensive analysis of competitor activities within paid search advertising.

Contact database analysis Verification

Email List

The correctness of e-mail addresses in the database affects the reputation of the sending domain and increases the deliverability of e-mails. If you do not have tools that protect websites against spam and bots, e. reCAPTCHA. You should analyze CL Lists your contact database. Using Mailfloss or Bouncer tools . Take a closer look at database segmentation. Check whether the segmentation rules work properly, depending on the segmented data – visits, purchases. Test the integration or check xml, on which automatic segmentation rules are often based, e. after purchasing a product brand.