With the increase in their advancement, the role of the agency is limited only to providing recommendations to the internal team. If you want to improve the skills of your employees, detailed information related to their current competences will allow you to prepare a detailed training plan and valuation. If you would like to check what we can prepare for you. I refer you to our entry about the Export Agency event organized in cooperation with Google . Summary As you may have noticed, I often emphasized the great impact of the information. Provided in the form on possible future cooperation.

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I have mentioned is not a symptom of overzealousness, but an attempt to create an offer best suited to your needs, which will become the basis and foundation for future, fruitful cooperation for both parties. This data will allow you to better understand Iraq Email List the problems and ambitions of your store and eliminate potential misunderstandings in the future. The day before yesterday in Warsaw, the closing of the CEE Elevator program took place. We took part in a meeting summarizing 6 months of workshops. Which allowed us to develop under the supervision of our partner Google.

The series is a continuation of last year’s

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Agency of Tomorrow program and is dedicated to 33 exceptionally fast-growing agencies from the region of Eastern Europe. See what Google Elevator was all about and how we rate it! What are the challenges facing today’s agencies? On CL Lists September 24. An event summarizing the six-month program of workshops with Google took place in Warsaw.  The face of changes taking place on today’s market. Leaders face challenges including preparing. The next generation to run an agency. The workshops covered a wide spectrum of HR issues, such as effective development paths or building agency structures.