Find Out Where Your Target Audience Spends Time Online

You’ll get a better sense of what is working and what isn’t. You may find that you’re getting a noticeably higher conversion rate on one channel over others or your cost per conversion (cpc) is quite a bit lower or higher on one channel. Testing across multiple channels allows you to capitalize on opportunities and avoid areas where you’re not getting worthwhile results. At this point. You can optimize your digital marketing budget by focusing on those channels that are providing the highest return on investment (roi). In all likelihood. The 80/20 rule can be applie or possibly even 90/10 depending on your industry. 4. Cross-channel remarketing remarketing is easy to let slide

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But also one that can provide a good return for minimal investment. For those who don’t know. Remarketing or retargeting allows you to show ads to users who have visite your site or clicke on one of your ads but didn’t convert. They have already shown an interest. And now your ads will show up as they look at other sites and platforms. In the past. Remarketing didn’t follow web visitors to different channels. But with cross-channel remarketing. Someone can click on a google ad (here’s a beginner’s guide) and then see follow-up ads on twitter or facebook. Your organization can optimize your budget by giving prospects second and third chances to interact with your brand after their initial contact. And as with any ppc ad.

Examine trends to stay competitive research

You will only pay if the ad gets clicke on. 5. Examine trends to stay competitive research what other senior-level marketers in your industry are doing will help give you an idea of the best ways to optimize your digital marketing budget. In a survey of senior marketing executives and cmos. 20 percent rate delivering a greater roi on their marketing budget as the number one issue they face in 2023. That’s not to say you should follow the competition precisely. But keeping in touch with what your competitors are doing online will give you a better idea of where you nee to make adjustments to remain competitive. For example. If a competitor has capture a significant market share or you want to capture it from them.

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