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Whose geolocation Ads are place taking into account the behavior of the target audience CA, its interests and location. Priority placement gives your listing the highest priority in Navigator and Maps and enhances the customer card experience. The cost is moderate Рfrom , rubles per month. Affiliate network Advertising channel Affiliate network The main advantage of the affiliate network is that it is mutually beneficial and requires low spending. You find the types of businesses that your target audience interacts with and enter into an agreement with them. They act as an agent: they recommend you to their customers and receive a percentage of the deal. 

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The percentage may differ depending on the scope of the service and the type of business. The agent either simply attracts traffic, or expands the scope of service – participates in the design and sale. Effective advertising photo editor channels do not have to be paid. Symbiosis in an affiliate program can be in the form of barter – for example, several stores of children’s clothing, toys and school stationery can organize an exchange of customers or issue a common discount card. Email marketing Advertising channel Email marketing. Entrepreneurs often underestimate the strategy of interaction with the client through e-mail. In vain, email marketing is in the top major marketing channels.

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 This is not SPAM and not annoying mailing, but complex communication with the buyer Рand only if he agrees to it. With Email Marketing, you can: Increase loyalty with newsletters Notify the target audience about the upcoming event Notify about any action on your site Рremind about a pending product, send a receipt for payment and at the same time offer delivery, inform the conditions of return or warranty service Send an email CL Lists about an upcoming promotion or new product Conduct a survey Mailing can be automate, personalize, and its effectiveness can be evaluate by a number of indicators.

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