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Around 700 people directly and, says the firm, also provide “thousands of indirect jobs in the Szczecin area”. Pun role and the Szczecin and Świnoujście seaports authority earlier this month signed a deal as part of plans for an installation terminal for offshore wind farms linked to the Baltic power project. In February, officials announced that two new Spanish-owned factories producing towers for offshore wind turbines would open in Poland. Although Poland remains the EU’s most coal-dependent country, generating around 70% of its electricity Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists from the fossil fuel, renewables are making up a growing share of its energy mix – 17% last year, up from 7% a decade earlier. The largest source of green energy has been wind, although so far that has been exclusively onshore.

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Offshore wind farms, the polish government is also seeking to remove regulations that it introduced in 2016 which significantly reduced new investment in onshore wind. The polish government – as well as state-owned and private firms – are also pushing ahead with plans to build the country’s first nuclear power stations. Us president joe Biden’s climate envoy john Kerry earlier this year praised Poland for “leading the EU in their efforts to diversify energy sources”, including taking steps towards a green energy transformation. Many environmental groups, however, argue that Poland’s progress has been too slow, and accuse the government of pandering to CL Lists the politically important coal industry. Pies then swept to power on a wave of promises to clean up public life, spread wealth more evenly, and restore dignity to normal Poles.