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An important factor that contributes significantly to this innovation revolution is open protocols across multiple platforms, especially the Internet. It is only the recent emergence of technology that has really brought this business framework into the spotlight, and more and more players are Use it as a tool for innovation. Do practice. Take the leading disruptors in the “sharing economy”: these companies have managed to succeed in an ever-changing and competitive market thanks to building an innovative open platform that enables a seamless exchange of services between merchants and users. But oddly enough, the idea of ​​open collaboration has been around since the 1980s.

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But despite the potential success, why do many companies still hesitate to incorporate this framework into their corporate philosophy? Reasons Many Companies Are Afraid of Open Collaboration The main reason why many actors are hesitant to practice open collaboration is the counter-intuitive executive email list nature of this framework. While engaging in open collaboration can provide companies with valuable data and perspectives needed to hone business practices, there’s another side to the story. They also open up their best practices and valuable data for competitors to imitate and steal. Many big game players don’t particularly like ceding their competitive advantage to any direct competitor.


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Beyond this, the real potential for effective open collaboration is revealed. But like many great things in life, open collaboration is never easy. The best managers realize this and know that there is always the right way to do things to maximize their true potential. Here are a few CL Lists ways to ensure that open collaboration leads to real innovation in your team: 1. Communicate a clear, powerful leadership message. First, it is important for team leaders to be able to set a clear direction for innovation. They can’t try and mess with the idea of ​​a team that’s wayward and littered with mediocrity.

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