Using the daily statuses of individual teams Conducting regular surveys among employees and organizing individual interviews (HR – employee and team leader – employee) to diagnose what is difficult for them in remote work and what are their expectations. ” campaign? Working remotely has its advantages, but it is also accompanied by some problems – such as difficulties in communication, weakening relations between employees or making it difficult to introduce new people to the crew. The weakening of ties makes cooperation more difficult. In addition, the current mode of work required a lot of effort from our leaders, trying to ensure the motivation and commitment of employees. Many PromoTraffic experts have also longed for personal meetings with others.

We consider it necessary to return

The office so that we can work 100% effectively. At the same time, we are aware that the pandemic has changed both the habits and expectations of employees. Our specialists are used to the fact that they can work from home if necessary – and for many it is a much more convenient solution than commuting to the office. Some experts have also noticed South Sudan Email List that when they can work from their own desks, they work more effectively . In addition, at Promo Traffic, we focus on the GrowWithUs philosophy and we are still developing, so we often recruit for new positions. Meanwhile, due to the pandemic, the possibility of using the “home-office” has become a benefit for many qualified expertswhich they consider obvious.

The conducted research and individual

Email List

Interviews indicated that some people want to return to the office permanently – others would prefer to work remotely, if not all the time, then at least for part of the week. We wanted to find the best solution that would meet the needs of all employees and enable us to operate effectively . So you decided to adopt a hybrid work model. How specific CL Lists will it look? Hybrid work at PromoTraffic We decided to introduce changes in the organization of work gradually – to make it easier for employees to get used to the new rules. , developed a plan to reduce business risks related to remote work. But also to preserve its advantages, important for team members.