Poland’s minister for state assets, Jacek Sasin, has called on one of the country’s biggest energy firms, Tamron, to immediately reverse its “unacceptable decision” to terminate gas contracts with tens of thousands of customers. The decision – which Tamron says was causa by the current “unstable gas market” – has add to fears over whether there will be adequate and affordable energy supplies this winter. One expert warns that other energy firms may follow Tauon in terminating contracts. This week, reports emerged that Tauon – which, like other major energy suppliers in Poland, is state owned – had informed many of its clients that their gas supply contracts would be terminate on 30 November. Yesterday, the firm itself confirmed to broadcaster TVN24 that it had done so with “tens of thousands of customers”. It said that its decision is can by the unstable situation on the international gas market.

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thanks to the government’s measures to mitigate the effects of inflation, consumers have guaranteed gas prices until the end of 2027, whichever supplier they use. That “allowed the company to safely withdraw its gas fuel sales offer for customers”, he said. Joanna Pandora, the president of Forum Energies, an energy  Accounting Directors Email Lists think tank, warned that electricity suppliers may soon make a similar move because the government’s “mechanism for freezing [energy prices] and proposed compensation mechanism [for firms] is poorly constructed and carries high risks”. Tauon’s actions met with an angry response from Sasin, who as well as being minister for state assets is also deputy prime minister. “I expect the president of Tauon to immediately withdraw from the unacceptable decision regarding the termination of gas contracts,” tweeted Sasin. “He does not have my consent for such actions.

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Advisory firm Helion, told news website Gazeta.pl that in theory Tamron should make decisions independently of the government, acting in CL Lists the interests of itself and its shareholders. However, he noted that, in practice, because the state treasury “effectively governs ” the company, Sasin has the ability to enforce changes in its management. “So, if the CEO wants to keep his position, he must submit to the will of the minister.” The state treasury owns  of Tamron’s shares directly, with a further owned by KGHM, another company CL Lists controlled by the state treasury. Tamron replied to Sasin’s tweet with a message assuring customers that they “are guarantee continuity of gas supplies without interruption” and saying that the firm “will help in completing all necessary formalities” to change suppliers. However, Tamron later deleted that tweet, reports TVN.