Said to me, Mummy, you are my life!’ and. It’s things like this I want to hear or at least be remind of when I think no one gives a monkeys anymore, but it shouldn’t be just my three-year-old, it should be friends and family of all ages.” Some things the community said they would love to hear: “You can beat this.” “You’re beautiful just the way you are. Keep going, you have worth and ability and you deserve to be happy. You’re not alone, even though it feels like that at times You’ve got this. Do not trust your brain, it tells you lies I care for you  love you.

I could not control how

You matter Place your palm on your chest Greece Email list hear that . Yes you’re still alive, no matter how dead you feel, in spite of the unreasonable. Strong, painful emotions you have, the meaningless tears at am, the empty thoughts fill with overthinking, heavy breathing, grieving in silence at night for no reason. Remember the sun shines brighter if you give it a chance.” Anxiety is a beast and it has no manners. It never wait for me to get dress or have my breakfast before it pounc.

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Eight simple ways to stop

It sat on the end of my b waiting for me CL Lists to open my eyes, dictating to me how the day would start. As I lay in b, adrenaline surg and I was instantly catapult from peaceful sleep straight to panic-central. I awoke, heart racing in terror, unable to stop panic. Before it had even begun, the day had slid out of control. This was my reality for a number of years. This fight defin most mornings. I was slowly changing my life from the inside out. I was putting in place good habits and challenging mindsets.