Open their microphone and ask make online games create

Open their microphone and ask make online games create kahoot reward the most attentive etc. You can also increase your audience by broadcasting simultaneously on several networks youtu facebook live and your own player at the same time. Don’t keep the screen on a fix image for too long and always include a piece of humor and wonderPromote your webinar. When you going to create the promotional campaign for your webinar think about your avatar your client not yourself. You can start by asking yourself these questions what generates value for.

There are free online surveys

Them why should they regter for your webinar who should regter make a pattern without a doubt. Make an appointment where the client you want to attract . But also spread the word. How can you spread the word friends and colleagues they may mobile app designs service not part of your audience but they might know people who ! Send to your email lt send to your lt of current clients sh with your groups on social networks and in whatsapp groups and broadcast lts by the way take advantage of whatsapp business. Regter the content on your website. And if you have the budget do paid adverting Play your webinar. Once the webinar over You’re not done.

The feedback generated by the virtual survey

Some people may not have en able to attend or found out too late. Or perhaps they want to relive the wonderful experience that participating in your webinar meant for them. To guarantee that all of them access the content you can follow these steps CL Lists once you conclude your webinar set up your email campaign fore the webinar so that everything very fast once you finh it send the webinar playback link and include brochures and a cta – call to action add the regtration link for your next webinar some people don’t stay for.

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