Rethink how to use new technologies

Rethink how to From here, we can understand the secret of the success of beauty brands such as Fenty Beauty, which offers cosmetics for all skin tones and beauty nes , and CoverGirl which offers genderless cosmetics . Gen Zs are keen to highlight their uniqueness through makeup and hairstyles, sharing everything offline and online. In particular, they go online to find ideas, ideas and trends through tutorials or advice from influencers and YouTubers. Not surprisingly, teenagers are increasingly watching YouTube instead of television. And since they are digital natives, they are also increasingly likely to purchase clothes or other products on Amazon or other eCommerce sites rather than walking into a boutique.

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But this does not happen for cosmetics and beauty products. In this sector, around of web designs and development service purchases still take place in stores. And this trend has been like this for years. But isn’t it strange that a digital native who spends most of his hours connect to a mobile device is reluctant to shop for beauty online? The reasons that push teenagers to prefer purchasing in the store are various. Online tools still not very sophisticat. The vast majority of Gen Z shoppers say they prefer purchasing cosmetics and makeup products in physical stores because they don’t feel entirely satisfi with the technology that is currently available.

This can be an innovation

By technology we mean all those tools, such as apps that exploit AR technologies, which have the aim of showing the product online, its color and its texture, in the same way as it is in reality. Many apps creat by large beauty brands such as L’Oréal try to offer an interactive shopping experience to make shoppers increase their propensity to purchase. Sometimes CL Lists for some buyers and add value, other times as in the case of the digital native generation, it is not. But how is it possible that a digital native doesn’t appreciate the latest and most innovative technologies? The answer is very simple. Many teenagers, precisely because they were born with digital technology

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