I couldn’t ignorethat! e friends helped me enormously. and I willingly took Lithium Carbonate, as prescribed, with other drugs to make a personalised pharmaceutical cocktail. The combination therapy, arranged by my psychiatrist, was working well. By this stage, I was happier to take medication as I could certainly feel its benefits, but it took me years and years to come to terms with the horror of the illness and especially audio, visual and somatic hallucinations. When we hear people talk about mental illness, we don’t often hear about the effects of stress on the body, tense muscles, headaches, digestion or other physical pains.

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Yet mental illness can bring physical signs Faroe Islands Email List of stress as well as emotional stress. In the story, I have tried to include physical signs of stress for the bumblebee. Consciously working with therapies I think we all can make choices about our mental health. Sometimes it is easier to make skilful choices than at others, but choosing to work with a therapy can mark a turning point. Consciously working with the therapies, whether they’re talking therapies, physiotherapy, occupational therapy or art therapy, music therapy and dance therapy and so on is beneficial.

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I am sure that choosing to recover CL Lists makes a difference to the speed of recovery. I was able to return to teacher training due to the enormous support from my tutor at Homerton College, Cambridge University. Visiting the local bipolar group was also helpful as it gave me a chance to learn from my own and other people’s experiences of life with mental illness. Some members there were working and a few were teachers, which inspired me to pursue my own teaching career. Help from mental health services I began my first teaching post in a rural secondary school, starting on a contract, and I still teach part-time for health reasons.