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Rating Tag  Mental Healthmental illnessself-careself-help Share: PREVIOUS POST A Light in the Dark: Study Finds Creative Activities Improve Emotional Hotel Email List Health NEXT POST The Cloak of Depression YOU MIGHT ALSO LIThe Cloak of Depression hides all symptoms. For me, it has a shaven face with a happy smile, disposition. It comes with a tie and a top button neatly done up. It even has a ‘pleasantness feature’ button inside that you can press and the voice is turn bright and cheery. My deluxe version even includes socks that are pull up. The-cloak-of-depression-pin – So, every day I pull it over my head and let it drape over me. I have to take care though, as there are metal rods inside to make me stand tall.

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These often cause muscle tension in my CL Lists back and neck muscles causing them to stiffen and ache. Also,, it is tricky to eat much and through the twinkling eyes my food actually appears dull and unappealing, making it hard to engage any appetite. Inside the cloak Inside the cloak there is only darkness, nothing but fear, guilt, loss of form and self-identity. The cloak is also heavy and every day I wear it, it drains me of my energy. So, when I get home and finally remove the cloak, there is nothing left to give. But hey, it lets me get away with the day, it allows me to function to some degree and live another day of lies.