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In fact, a study by MIT researchers Inside Product. shows that teams that use ChatGPT feel more satisfied in their work, since they can automate tedious processes and finish sooner. In this context, AI training is. Positioned as an opportunity. Not only to optimize processes, but to opt for future roles. That will arise from the combination of technical skills with the application of new technologies. Professionals from sectors as diverse as education.

Tedious processes  Inside Product and finish sooner

It is thus estimated that by 2030, between 6% and 9% of companies. Will need top industry data roles that do not yet exist. “The key to harnessing the potential of AI is to understand its power and apply it ethically and responsibly,” reflects Pau Garcia-Milà, CEO and co-founder of Founderz. Success story: more than 5,000 professionals training in.

Students has not stopped growing

AI Since the announcement of the Founderz. AI and Innovation program , in collaboration CL Lists with Microsoft. Its community of students has not stopped growing. 1,500 students were reached. In just one week, and today there are already 5,000 professionals who have. Opted to train in AI and no-code tools. Professionals from sectors as diverse as education.

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