The stupid things is that I probably do want to go and I do want to see you but I am now in such a state I can’t possibly even think about it! Telling us to calm down or stop overreacting doesn’t help I have had these said to me a lot. I guess it’s the BPD swinging my moods all over the places and telling things are worse than what they actually are. But honestly, I don’t need you to tell me I am overreacting I am well aware of this a split second after the event and I will be beating myself about it for hours or days to come.

I may have been diagnosed

Please don’t forget about me I know this Gambia Email Lists one is tough but please remember me. Please still invite me to things. I know I might not reply to your text or answer the phone very often but I promise I am not trying to be horrible or difficult I am just really struggling to cope. Talking about it is very difficult but knowing that you are there makes life that tiny bit less awful. Be on my sideAgain I understand how this can be difficult for a friend of someone struggling with mental health issues but it will really help.

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These illnesses but I am still human

It will make me less likely to isolate CL Lists myself and keep the lines of communication open. If I decide against taking a certain medication or therapy please don’t tell me I am wrong. Don’t assume it is a spur of the moment decision as I have most likely spent months thinking it all over and weighing up every possible pro and con imaginable! Don’t assume that the way I am acting is because of BPD or that I haven’t taken my medication This is so so irritating.