How to put your blog in mourning for

We are (younger) on the couch (we’re going to have a hard time if we keep it up…) fooling around with our cell phones. She browsing I don’t know what Privalia campaign (and then she doesn’t buy anything) and I with Twitter (for a change). I’m starting to see ugly news: that there is corruption, that there is an attack, that Mireya is fired from Master Chef, that it turns out that Labrador is sentimental… my heart sinks. I’m in mourning (I think with all my grace) and I tell myself: one of these days I’m going to put my blog in mourning … when I have a good reason. Hello! How are you? Good? I hope so. I’m fine, at least not too bad. Ha ha ha.

The same as always

With a lot of work, stuck projects like when you go 2 weeks without buying All-Bran… growing belly… Anyway. You already know. And, well, willing to bring you company data a little trick that I have had on the list of “post ideas” for a long time and whose publication I was waiting for a reason . Those of us who have pets know what they are loved . TRUE? Isn’t that reason enough? I think so. I can’t keep waiting for Jordi Hurtado …

How to put an entire Web in Grayscale? So, how do you put a “mourning” website? Is it easy to do it? Well the truth is that yes, it is super easy. So much so that it would be enough to tell you “copy this code at the end of your CSS file and that’s it” . But, of course, you already know that I like to at least give some explanation.

I'll tell you the concept

Setting up a mourning website means completely eliminating color or, in other words, putting all its elements in grayscale . We could talk about removing the background, increasing CL Lists the proportion of black, putting a little bow on it… Everyone mourns as they want . Mine is like that and that’s it. So just apply a grayscale CSS filter to the main container of every website: html .

How to put Thus, the code necessary for this would be: It is probably the best, simplest and most effective way. Go to Appearance->Editor and you can directly edit the style.css file of your theme, which is the one that contains the CSS styles. Go to the end of the file, at the very end, after all (which we later messed with) and paste the code above. 

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