After expanding the channel with more videos, we also recommend checking the statistics on an ongoing basis. The “Traffic Source” report on the platform’s YouTube shows the words that users of the portal were looking for when they came across the channel’s videos. Video description This is a place for short information supplementing the film. 200 characters. The first few dozen characters should be in the form that encourages the user to watch the video and subscribe to the channel. Remember that in the content of the description it is worth developing the subject, also adding keywords for the video and links.

Recommending a blog entry

The website, details discussed in the recording. Important: The information should not summarize the content of the video. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the viewer will not want to take the time to watch the whole thing. tags Adding tags Uzbekistan Email List describing our individual videos on YouTube improves positions for individual phrases contained in them. For this reason, you should regularly complete the keyword fields under the videos you add. Tags added for individual recordings can be easily seen by using the Chrome extension: VidIQ . Thumbnail The recommended thumbnail resolution is.

When uploading a movie

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It is possible to generate thumbnails in the form of frames from the movie, but it is much more recommended to create unique, dedicated graphics. time stamp An option worth using is the option of dividing longer videos into several sections. This makes it possible to add the so-called time stamp and giving names to individual sections. In the CL Lists titles given to individual sections, you can use keywords related to the video content, which will affect the position of the video in the search results. Instructions on how to use this option are available here: Keeping the user engaged Remember that YouTube studies the behavior of users of a given recording.