How to use brand identity to deal with a crisis

How to use brand identity to deal with a crisis. 4 examples of brands that have managed the. Coronavirus crisis by focusing precisely on brand identity. A year has now passed since, for the first time. We found ourselves faced with the concrete problem of a health. Emergency and with the need to stay inside our homes. A situation that has created many difficulties. But which, in some cases, has also generated new perspectives and new entrepreneurial possibilities . In fact, when everything around us changes. Is it possible to remain identical to ourselves. And how to adapt so as not to get overwhelmed. These are the questions that have driven the online and otherwise actions of many big brands. Thus communication underwent an almost immediate change in terms of themes, contents

Why focus on brand identity in times

Why focus on brand identity in times of crisis. A very complex and delicate job. Reviewing communication and marketing . A big obstacle to overcome for every brand. What to publish? Which message to promote. How to approach the public? How to africa email list maintain connections with people. Many questions that have found an answer starting from a single  element. Yes, because when everything around us collapses

Everything around us

What holds us together is our identity . Or rather, the brand identity. The personality and values ​​remain the same as always for every brand. And they represent the point from which to reorganize. At a time when the economic crisis has affected the purchasing and selling mechanism. Many CL Lists companies have decided to deepen and enhance their brand identity. The target, listening to people to understand new needs, developing greater empathy, moving communication.

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