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The messenger of the stars.. a Short Time Later. Between 1611 and 1613. the Sighting of Sunspots Would Confirm His Idea About the Falsity of the Insurmountable Dichotomy That Aristotle Had Establish Between Sublunary Matter – the Transitory Mud That the Fleeting Human Creature Steps on – and the Celestial Spheres. a Place Where. Describing an Eternal Circular Movement. the Stars. Made Up of Ether. a Subtle and Incorporeal Substance. March Oblivious to the Vicissitudes of Time. Letters About Sunspots. a Work in Which Galileo Would Communicate This Discovery. Was. Furthermore. and Primarily. the Means to Dispute with the Jesuit Christopher Scheiner.

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Who in a Pamphlet Publish Under a Pseudonym. Had Maintain That Those Spots Were Not Part of That Star. Well. They Were. Rather. Stars or Planets That Mov near the Sun. the Argument Formulat by Galileo. Sprinkl with Incisive Rhetoric. Disrupt and Ridicul That Approach. Galileo. Thus. Had Remain Very Active in His Research. Trying to Gather Evidence That Would Allow Him to Solidly Support the Heliocentric Theory.. Right and Left. He Disseminat the Results of His Research and Did Not Miss the business email list Opportunity to Question the Position Assum by the Church in Safeguarding the Dogma of Terrestrial Immobility. Which in His Eyes Appear as a Stolid Defense Bas Not on Rigorous Observation – Willing to Accept the Data That

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Appear Through the Lens of the Telescope – and the Precision of the Mathematical Calculation. but in a Myopic Interpretation of the Scriptures. from Which Theology Ventur to Legislate on Natural Phenomena. When Its Work Should Be Limit to Showing Concern Exclusively for the Salvation of the Soul. Because. as He Once Said. Quoting a Well-Known Cardinal of the Time: “(…) the Intention of the Holy Spirit Was to Teach Us How to Go to Heaven. and Not How to Go CL Lists to Heaven.” (Galileo. 2006. P. 100). on April 12. 1633. the Trial Began. at Some Point. the Idea Crept In. with Chilling Subtlety. of Applying the Corresponding “Remies of the Law” to the Elderly Scientist – as the Merciful Clerics Call the Torture Sessions – in Case the Accus Show Objections to the Accusations of the Ecclesiastical Court. by Then.

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